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Kenilworth Combustion has developed a reputation for making the best Oil and Gas Process Heating System on the market. With regulations clamping down on vented gas emissions, Kenilworth Combustion has developed a system specific for dealing with Stranded Gas when it is not possible to pipe, flare or vent. It is free standing, fully automated, and fits into almost any location. This system has been designed and approved for all high wind areas without the need for guy-wires to maintain safety, meaning this system has an incredibly small footprint. See below for more information...

Stranded Gas Combustor




The Kenilworth Stranded Gas Combustor is a skid mounted with a small foot print that does not require the additional purchasing of land, unlike a conventional flare or incinerator. Kenilworth's system can be used in close proximity to existing equipment, usually, within the sites current foot print. This is achieved using a propriety blend of materials on the combustion chamber and stack, in conjunction with, Kenilworth Combustion's patented burners. 

The Stranded Gas Combustor operates on pressures from 2oz to 10psi, and utilizes the already proven fuel-train and burner technology found in Kenilworth's Process Heater Module burner packages. These units are available to purchase, lease or rent. There has never been a simpler or better way to deal with Stranded Gas and meet AER requirements in Stranded Gas Emissions.

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