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Custom Process Heater Module (PHM)

Kenilworth Combustion, in addition to their Process Heater Modules (PHM), also offers fully custom Fuel Trains to fit any application. From smaller systems with specific requirements, to systems requiring custom dimensions and functionality for any application. Kenilworth Combustion is confident that no matter process heating needs, we have a solution.

Custom Burner Management


Custom stand alone systems are still a much needed solution to the Oil and Gas industry. The team at Kenilworth Combustion is equipped  to meet the heating demands


For system processes requiring 1,000,000 to 20,000,000 BTU/hr Kenilowrth Combustion has the ability to design, build and install custom fuel trains to meet any requirements. Stand Alone fueltrains are most commonly used in FWKO, Dehy's, Treaters, Salt Bath and larger tank heating applications. 


As with all Kenilworth Combustion systems, all controls are pre-assembled and fully function tested before arriving on site. All Kenilworth Combustion systems have a 100% guarantee that they are CSA B 149.3 compliant.

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