Frost Blanket

The Kenilworth Combustion Frost Blanket is a simple device, it looks a bit awkward, but it works! Frozen and plugged flame arrestors become a problem of the past, with the Frost Blanket. By placing a screen around the flame arrestor air borne debris such as frost and plant fuzz are caught by the screen before arriving at the flame arrestor. Best yet, the Frost Blanket is self cleaning (see video below), when there is a breeze the screen is designed to twist and shed the collected frost. Best of all this is a universal mounting system and can be used on both Kenilowrth and non-Kenilworth flame arrestors.


After years of dealing with service calls frozen and plugged up flame arrestors, Kenilworth Combustion decided to develop a product to help producers and operators from getting overwhelmed with unnecessary shut down burners.   


Take a look at the video below to see the Frost Blanket in action.



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