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Solar Systems

No power on site? Line Heater too far away from a grid connection? Temporary well site? Remote well site?

Kenilworth Combustion has met those challenges with their new Modular Solar Array for combustion systems! The requests and industry demand for a fully solar powered burner system over the years has increased to a point where “one off” designs were simply not cost effective. The result was the GM280W-5.8KW, this system is designed to power the U0.25 and U1 PHM and is specifically designed to perform in the demanding low light and cold weather seasons. This solar system has been designed, tested and has proven itself time and time again! Take the guess work out of your remote site power requirements, give Kenilworth Combustion a call and get it done right…the first time!

Kenilworth Combustion Solar System


Taking the same modular approach that Kenilworth Combustion pioneered for burner systems, they have taken the same approach and applied it to solar systems to create the GM280W-5.8KW solar system.


Specifically designed to deal with northern climates lack of sun and frigid temperatures in the winter months, this system will keep your operation running smoothly. If you are not seeing everything you need in the SPEC SHEET, let us know and we can tailor a system to fit your application.



Kenilworth Combustion Solar System Collapsible
Kenilworth Combustion Solar System Battery Pack
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