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Kenilworth Combustion is and always will be focused on developing the best performing products on the market, be it combustion, skim systems, or transport loading safety devices. So, it should come as no surprise that our line of Greenhouse Gas Solutions are the very best. In true Kenilworth Combustion form, these systems are designed with simple elegance, and great forethought, that can only be achieved after decades of field experience. Below you will find systems that effectively and efficiently handle the challenges of BTEX, Storage Tank Emissions, Methane Recovery and Stranded Gas. These system represent the future of oil and gas production, and moving forward, will help producers achieve and exceed the mandates outline in Directive 60, S-10 and S-20. The future of oil and gas is here, and its just one click away!   

Kenilworth Combustion BTEX System


A simple and cost effective solution to managing BTEX emissions. Zero BTEX emissions is possible, and its simpler than you think...

Oil Tank VRU System


Capturing overhead/vented gas from storage tanks is a reality. Yes, it is easy. Yes, you can comply with Directive 60. Yes, we can help!

Stranded Gas Combustor

Stranded Gas Combustor

Oil Tank and Site Methane Recovery


Utilizing low pressure methane and casing gas is not a new technology. Kenilworth has been doing this for over 25 years...

Stranded Gas is a problem. Kenilworth Combustion has the solution. The Stranded Gas Combustion...

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