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Field Solutions

Kenilworth Combustion has a long history of developing innovative products for the Oil and Gas Industry. Over the years Kenilworth Combustion has been approached by many Producers to solve seemingly unsolvable problems. The Kenilowrth Combustion  "Skim System" was developed to overcome the often problematic conventional cable and pulley skim systems, that either jammed or stopped working all together in heavy oil applications. Another innovation is the Transport Loading Safety Device, which prevents premature disconnection while transferring fluids from a storage tank to transport tanker. Simple yet powerful innovations that drastically improve productivity while reducing risk and operational cost. See below for more information on these uniquely Kenilworth "Field Solutions" 

Oil Tank Skim System


The Kenilworth Skim System was developed over 20 years ago, and has quietly been improving the way fluid is removed from storage tanks...

Fluid Transport Loading Safety Device


The Transport Loading Safety Device is a safety device, that prevents premature disconnection from storage tanks to transport trucks...

Flame Arrestor Frost Protection


Oil and Gas Solar Power System


The Kenilworth Combustion Solar System is specificlly designed to service sites that do not have reliable access to power to run their burner systems ...

The Kenilworth Combustion Frost Bag makes flame arrestor freeze off a thing of the past...

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