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Preventative Maintenance Program

"Stay Ready so you wont have to get ready"

Kenilworth Combustion has always offered a 24/7 service to support our products and keep your operation running smoothly, but did you know, we also offer Preventative Maintenance Programs? These programs are designed to ensure that your burner systems are running at their optimal settings, and to catch any issues before they become major problems. These programs are more than just a visual inspection, they are a full tune-up. See below for an overview of the work commonly performed during a preventative maintenance visit

Preventative Maintenance Overview:

- Document current site condition (all information is compiled and generated into a site report)

- Perform combustion analysis of current burner setting

- Visual and temperature inspection of firetube

- Clean and rebuild burner assembly

- Clean burner housing flame arrestor

- Inspect all electrical and gas connections to and from the burner system

- Inspect all gaskets, seals, and fasteners on the burner system

- Insure burner is properly aligned and fastened securely in the firetube

- Verify functionality of the BMS and connected controls

- Perform final combustion analysis, burner setting and measure firetube skin temperatures

- Compile final report of observed conditions and work performed into Combustion Services Report

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