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Kenilworth Combustion Burners

Kenilworth Combustion has always had burner technology as its main focus. While we have grown to offer a variety of innovative products, our roots and passion have always been in producing the best natural draft burners on the market. Starting with our Patented Flame Scavenger, Kenilworth Combustion has enabled numerous customers to improve the efficiency of their operation by reducing fuel consumption, eliminating freeze-off and reducing maintenance costs. For over 35 years Kenilworth Combustion has had a reputation with our customers for delivering the best natural draft burner system on the market, read more below on our technology and how you can get the Kenilworth Combustion advantage working for you.

Kenilworth Combustion Burner


Flame Scavenger Burner (Pilot)

Flame Scavenger Burner (Slip-Stream)

Wet Gas Pilot


Dry Gas



Kenilworth Combustion is the leader in natural draft burner technology. Starting in 1981 Kenilworth Combustion (then named Kenilworth Field Service), was developing their first Oil and Gas specific burner system. Learning from and dealing with the common problems of natural draft burner in the 1980's, Kenilworth Combustion began to set itself apart as a company with a specific knowledge base in optimizing performance and longevity in CHOPS tank heating/burner systems.

Fast forward to the early 2000's. Kenilworth Combustion begins manufacturing a revolutionary burner system called the: Process Heater Module (PHM). This system is fully pre-assembled and live fire function tested before leaving their facility. This was the first step in fully automated burner system controls, and at the heart of it was Kenilworth Combustion's patented burners. 

Kenilworth Combustion Flame Scavenger Burner Diagram
Kenilworth Combustion Flame Scavenger Burner

Having expanded beyond the realm of storage tank burner systems, Kenilworth Combustion found themselves with a full line of patented burner products the likes of which there was no equal. The Flame Scavenger Burner technology evolved into a burner specifically designed for larger scale heating application for Treaters, FWKO's, Salt Bath Heaters, and a host of other Oil and Gas processing equipment below 20,000,000 BTU/Hr. This burner was called the Exhaust Recycle Burner, and served as a designing point for the more advanced Triple Stage Burner and BTEX Burners.

The continuous development  of Kenilworth Combustion's burner product line is a never ending endeavor. Constant changes in the Oil and Gas industry enable Kenilworth Combustion to continue to push the limits of emissions reduction, efficiency and product longevity. Contact us for more information, you will be glad that you did!


Stage Burner

 Exhaust Recycle Burner

Flame Scavenger Burner

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