Methane Recovery

Methane Recovery is becoming a hot topic in the Oil and Gas industry, the more we learn about the effects of certain by products of production, the more we realize that something has to be done. This is why Kenilworth Combustion developed over 30 years ago, their first Methane Recovery System. By capturing the low pressure casing gas from the wellhead, Kenilworth Combustion was able to solve 2 problems. One, being excess gas venting, two, being reducing purchased fuel cost. The fuel saving is substantiation, with most sites seeing a the system pay for itself within 6-8 weeks.







Kenilworth Combustion has its roots in the Field Service Industry. All of our technology comes from solving problems in the field. One problem that we can all agree upon is waste in our industry, when things are booming waste runs might be a tough pill to swallow, but you know its true.

But it is not all gloom and guilt! There are simple and very cost effective solutions to reduce environmental impact and reduce operational costs.

The casing gas that is often vented or flared can easily be piped directly to a Kenilworth Combustion

burner system where it is then used as a fuel source. The Kenilworth Combustion low pressure burner has the ability to operate at high BTU with very low gas pressure (below 1 PSI), while simultaneously preventing burner freeze off with its flame scavenging technology to make sure that it stays hot even when its well below freezing. For more information get in touch with us, your budget and the environment will thank you!

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