Tank-Vapor Recovery Unit (Tank-VRU)

Regulations are changing regarding well site emissions, notably and problematically, fugitive emissions from storage tanks are on that list. Good news is that Kenilworth Combustion has over 20 years of experience utilizing vented tank gas as a process fuel. The best part of this, is that you reduce your total site emissions, while reducing, or even eliminating the use of purchased gas for heating. Best of all, the systems have no compressors or collection tanks. Read more below about the Tank-VRU system and how you can save money and meet emissions mandates.





Kenilworth Combustion is changing everything about vented tank emissions. Tank vapours being vented to atmosphere have been an issue for some time now in the Oil and Gas industry, and with the AER’s new version of Directive 60 they are a bigger issue than ever. What if there was a way to effectively capture, utilize and reduce these tank vapour emissions? What if we could reduce the environmental foot print of operations and actually have it pay?

Take this for example: You have a CHOP's site that has 2 tanks on site, a sales and storage tank. Based on our experience these units will vent approximately 400SQFT of raw gas. Typically the BTU value of the gas is between 1000-1800 BTU/SQFT, Meaning that it is actually possible to heat your process with tank emissions! Of course there is always a back up fuel in case site conditions change or heating demand increases however the change over to a secondary fuel is automated with in the Kenilworth system. 

There are a number a viable reasons to get a Kenilworth Combustion Tank-VRU system, not least of which is the fast ROI of these systems. Think about how much your operation is using purchased fuel, while perfectly usable tank gas is being vented or flared. Get in touch with us and tell us your tank emissions challenges, we have over 20 years experience dealing with capturing and utilizing tank gas.

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