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Kenilworth Combustion

Process Heater Modules:


GHG Reduction Technology

Process Heater Module (PHM)

Field Solutions

Green House Gas Reduction Technology-Oil Site

Kenilworth Combustion has been the leader in GHG reduction technology for over 30 years. Kenilworth has the experience and technology to get your operation running lean and clean... 

Kenilworth Combustion Burner System

Proven reliability, and 100% Guaranteed to meet CSA B 149.3 requirements. See how the Kenilworth Combustion PHM has revolutionized burner management...

Kenilworth Combustion Skim System

Innovation and advancement are the name of the game at Kenilworth. Beyond combustion products, Kenilworth also offers a number of innovative product to increase safety, production and reduce downtime...

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