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BTEX Systems

Kenilworth Combustion is proud to offer a simple and cost effective solution to the Oil and Gas Industries BTEX Emissions challenges. The BTEX Process Heater Modules (PHM) have been developed over the last 17 years and field proven.  The BTEX systems come preassembled, and function tested and ready for CSA Field Approval. Kenilworth Combustion's BTEX systems are a proven solution to deal with BTEX problems at a fraction of a cost of other systems on the market. Weather you need to reduce your BTEX emissions or want to utilize fugitive tank emissions Kenilworth Combustion has you covered. Read more below and see the GREEN REPORT where our claims are 3rd  party verified*.

BTEX Capture and Utilization






BTEX Capture and Utilization with Tank Safe

Kenilworth Combustion has its roots in the Field Service Industry, and as such has been part of many great changes to how this industry as a whole functions. We can all agree that the products from Oil and Gas production are vital to how we all live our modern lives. We can also all probably agree that there are a number of problems with the by products of that production, most notably in Gas production, BTEX gas.

Kenilworth Combustion over the years has developed a BTEX destruction and utilization system like no other on the market. Using Kenilworth Combustions patented low pressure burner technology, we are able to capture, control and utilize BTEX gas from gas dehydration systems still columns and use it as a process fuel.

BTEX Burner System

The most appealing part of this system, aside from it boasting a very high destruction rate of BTEX gas, is that it does not require any, compressors, pumps or other costly reciprocating equipment to operate. Making the Kenilworth 

system as cost effective as it is simple to operate.

With more than 17 years experience and 100's of these systems in operation, Kenilworth Combustion has established itself as the proven BTEX experts. Get in touch with us to discuss your BTEX challenges, we guarantee that there is a viable and cost effective solution to your operations BTEX challenge.


*AER Directive 039 states burner systems engineered for benzene conversion may claim 90% removal without further testing. Kenilworth systems have been proven to achieve 99.9% destruction efficiency, however each site will need individual testing to verify.  

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