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O5-U10 Process Heater Module (PHM)

The Kenilworth Combustion O5-U10 PHM has been developed with the same attention to ease of installation, reliability, safety and efficiency as the U1 PHM. The concept is simple; have a system designed for 5-10MM BTU/Hr that is preassembled and function tested before it leaves the Kenilworth Combustion facility. The O5-U10 is designed to run on two dissimilar BTU value fuels (ex: propane and solution gas) without any orifice changes required, and comes with a choice of three patented Kenilworth Combustion burners. Also, the O5-U10, as with all Kenilworth Combustion PHMs, is ready for the SCC/CSA field inspection without any worries. Take a look at the spec page below and see for yourself how simple your high BTU process heating project can be.

O5-U10 Process Heater Module (PHM)


The O5-U10 PHM is configured to meet the heating demands of processes requiring 5,000,000 to 10,000,000 BTU/hr. This system has been designed to function simply, without requirement for unnecessary modulating controls. These systems are commonly used in FWKO, Dehy's, Treaters, Salt Bath and larger tank heating applications. 


As with all Kenilworth Combustion systems, it comes with the patented Kenilworth Combustion burner, all controls are pre-assembled and fully function tested before arriving on site. All Kenilworth Combustion systems have a 100% guarantee that they are CSA B 149.3 compliant.

O5-U10 PHM
O5-U10 PHM
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