3" and 4" Skim System

Kenilworth Combustion developed their first tank skim system over 25 years ago. These fully 316 Stainless Steel Skim Systems were designed with simplicity in mind. The Kenilworth Combustion Tank Skim System utilizes a reliable single point pivot system free of cables, pulleys and hoses and is free floating. Regular maintenance does not require access to the inside of the tank and combined with an installation time of 4-5 hours, the Kenilworth Combustion Skim System is the clear choice for your Tank Skim System needs. Check out the conceptual drawings and give us a call to get a quote or to answer any questions you may have.


Kenilworth Combustion developed the Skim System to be a virtually maintenance free system. Free from pulleys, ropes and cables this system is serviced from the outside of the tank, via a grease nipple. Plane and simple, nothing complicated.


Installation of the systems is straight forward, take a look at the INSTALL SHEET below, does your tank have an Envirovault or containment system? Kenilworth has a full fabrication facility to make you custom spools to accommodate any configuration(see sheet below). Not sure where to start on your project? Well we thought of that too, download the editable PDF fill in the project specifications and email it to info@kenilworth.ca and within 24 hours you will have a full quote.

3"-4" Skim SPEC SHEET



Envirovault Adapter SHEET

Skim System



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